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#forever 21

Grace is sometimes seen wearing this shredded cross muscle t-shirt.

Forever 21 - No Longer Available

posted 2 months ago on 3/8/2014 +

Maya has worn this dress multiple times this season.

Animal Print Tea Dress - Topshop

posted 2 months ago on 1/8/2014 +

We think that Ana was wearing this white one-strap dress by Herve Leger to the Degrassi finale party at MTV this week.

Buy it online here.

posted 2 months ago on 1/8/2014 +

So excited to find Imogen’s boots from the season finale!!

Acid Pink Boots - Dr. Martens

Available on eBay.

posted 2 months ago on 1/8/2014 +

Tristan x Miles matching outfits? Yes please. We guess that after Tristan got caught in the rain Miles lended him some clothes.

We can’t be certain, but we think Tristan and Miles are both wearing  Zip Hoodies from American Apparel.

Flex Fleece Hoodie - $48

Salt and Pepper Zip Hoodie - $54

posted 2 months ago on 1/8/2014 +
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#zig novak

Throwback Sunday (?)!

Hard to believe this was only a little over a year ago - but Zig is wearing an Adidas logo t-shirt for the now infamous “I’ll wait for you” scene. 

Adidas Skateboarding Logo T-Shirt - No Longer Available

posted 2 months ago on 27/7/2014 +

Imogen looks adorable as usual in this cherry dress from Modcloth!

posted 2 months ago on 25/7/2014 +

Maya appears to be wearing the Faux Leather Studded Motorcycle Vest from Forever 21.

No longer available on F21’s website, but you can still find it on eBay.

posted 3 months ago on 19/7/2014 +

Lady Gaga hasn’t had any North American performances of her Born This Way Tour yet, but that doesn’t stop Lyle from rocking one of the t-shirts today on set!

Lady Gaga Pony Ride T-Shirt
$40 - Lady Gaga Merchandise

posted 1 year ago on 29/10/2012 +

Annie tweeted this picture of herself and Cristine filming upcoming episodes of Degrassi. As always, Fiona looks amazing in (yet another) Topshop dress!

Bonded Lace Pencil Dress 
$96.00 - Topshop

posted 1 year ago on 26/10/2012 +